Marine Exhaust Silencer

Decimin designs, manufactures special Silencers for Marine/Naval applications with dimensional constraint and high performance requirements, keeping Engine back pressure within limits.

The Marine Silencers are based on Absorptive and Reflective/Reactive principle and offer overall performance upto 50 dB (A) attenuation.

These systems/components are manufactured in Stainless Steel materials and are suitable for Saline Atmosphere. Certified by m/s ABS, m/s IRS.These Silencers are vetted by m/s Naval Science & Technology Laboratory (NSTL) for NSS-2 (NATO equivalent) Shock Standards.

These Marine Silencers can be mounted in Vertical/Horizontal position, with or without Spark Arrestors. We also provide Exhaust gas cooling systems by Sea Water Injection (flooding/mist) in the exhaust ducting.


  1. Spark arrester provided combined/add-on with exhaust silencer for fire & explosion risk areas.
  2. Silencers suitable for Saline atmosphere.
  3. Silencers are Absorptive as well as reactive type with less fuel consumption Noise attenuation upto 50 dBA.
  4. Optional Accessories – Counter flange set, Resilient Mounts, Expansion Joints, Rain caps, mounting attachments.