Ventilation Attenuator/Silencers

Ventilation Attenuator/Silencers are also referred as Splitter Silencers or Baffle Silencers. The Ventilation Attenuators/Splitter Silencers are typically installed to reduce noise emitted by the ventilation systems, components like axial fans, ventilation blowers, ID/FD/SA fans, AHU’s etc.These attenuators can be installed in either existing duct (circular/rectangular/square) or cones as an additional element with the housing/casing.

Ventilation Attenuator Applications:
  1. Enclosure air inlet system
  2. Hot air exhausts system
  3. Boiler/HRSG fans
  4. Turbine inlet/outlet systems
  5. Marine Engine room fans
The Design Criteria are:
  1. Cross sectional size for the required air flow.
  2. Attenuator length to achieve required noise reduction
  3. Air way width and length to achieve required pressure drop
  4. Splitter thickness to absorb noise waves


  1. Also known as Splitter Silencer or Baffle Silencer.
  2. Low Back Pressure achieved by minimal flow restriction.
  3. Used for ID/FD/SA Fans, Ventilation Fans, Exhaust Fans for noise reduction.
  4. Manufactured in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel with Acoustic Infill.
  5. Can be added to existing installations.