Vent, Blow down Silencer:

We Design, Manufacture & supply world class Vent, Blow down silencers designed to reduce venting of pressurized Steam, gases to atmosphere. Our silencers are specially designed to reduce noise associated with safety valves, start up valves, blowdown tank, boilers and HRSGs.

We offer wide range of standard and customized silencers used for vent and blowdown applications of natural gas, steam, air or virtually any other pressurized gas.

These Silencers control Noise pollution in Power Plants, Waste-to-Energy Plants, Co-generation Plants, Combined Cycle Plants, Heavy Industries, and Compressor Stations etc.

Our Customer Segments:
  1. Power Sector
  2. Petrochemical Industries
  3. Combined Cycle Plant - CCP
  4. Cogeneration - CHP
  5. HRSG & Combustion Boiler
  6. Waste-to-energy plants
  7. Compressors
  8. Heavy industries

Some of our Esteemed Customers

  1. Reliance Gas Pipeline
  2. Transparent Energy Systems Pvt.Ltd


  1. Axial, Radial & Multiple Entry connections to inlet pipe.
  2. Flow rate upto 1500 TPH
  3. Temperature from 200oC -550o C
  4. Upstream pressure upto 300 bars
  5. Guaranteed low back pressure
  6. Sound pressure level as low as 75 db(A) @ 1m
  7. Acoustic efficiency : 65 dB(A) noise reduction
  8. Material of Construction- Carbon steel, Stainless steel.
  9. Inlet pipe pressure as per client’s requirement ( 0,1b / 100b )
  10. Accessories (Inlet, Outlet flanges & Counter flanges, Rain hood etc.) are available on customer request.